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Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand

I am so thrilled to introduce our new website! My intentions were to just announce it on our Insta stories but a sweet friend gave me the idea to write a blog post! So, I will be walking you through our site design and explaining the inspiration behind it all.

The Welcome Page

First off, our old website was beautiful and we loved the black and white aesthetic. It complimented our photography while also reflecting our personal style. With that being said, I definitely wanted to keep that black and white aestethic but inject it with a more chic and sophisticated feel.

I had been piecing this together for over a year. I created my own mood board and really focused on honing in our our signature editing style! When I got to the point of choosing a website, I found the perfect template from Davey & Krista . This particular template screamed out to me! The style and layout was on point with our aesthetic and it was something that I could work easily all by myself.

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand

About Us

I really wanted our site to reflect more of us. I wanted our couples to walk away understanding why we value wedding photography while also getting to know our family a little more.

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand

When I created our “List”, I felt the need to use “real” and everyday images taken from our phones. I’ve learned that not everything has to be professional quality in order for it to be worthy to share. These images may be familiar as I have shared them on our insta stories throughout the years.

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand

“The Heart behind the photos”

Michael and I grew up in totally different worlds. His world consisted of a dedicated and solid family while my world consisted of foster homes and uncertainty. Because of my upbringing, I don’t have images of my childhood to share with my children. They won’t ever know what I looked like as a baby or as a kid. I’ve made peace with that fact and use it to fuel my desire to capture all of those beautiful moments for our couples and families!

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand

Our gallery page is GORGEOUS! I had so many weddings and engagement sessions that I wanted to feature here but I didn’t want to overwhelm this page with tons of options. I will be updating this page a lot more often in order to reflect the love and diversity of our clients!”

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand


The details page is probably the one page that I get so many compliments on. Our brides love the fact that they can get all the information they need in one spot without sending tons of emails! Giving out our info upfront has never hindered our booking goals and it helps brides decide a lot faster whether or not we are a good fit for them!

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand


Our blog also got refreshed! I love the clean and open look!

Michael and Jasmine Photography New Website Brand

Contact Page

Our new contact page is so simple, chic, and clean! Our old website simply asked our brides to “Tell Us More”, but we wanted to be more specific here. One thing brides love to share is “their first date” and Michael and I LOVE reading about them!

I hope you enjoy our new website! Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you think!

All our love,

~Michael and Jasmine


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