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We celebrated Gabriel’s 5th Birthday without many friends or family this year because of COVID-19 but it was still so special.  Gabe has showed us time and time again that we don’t need big and fancy to make him happy.  He’s already happy.  We wakes up happy and goes to bed happy.  Actually, I think the reason he has such a hard time falling asleep at night is because he just wants to play and laugh all night long!

Happiness. Gabe’s face is what I see when I hear that word.  It is unusual for him to cry or get upset but when he does, we know it’s something serious.  Happiness is what our family needs during this crazy time of COVID-19 and Gabriel is oftentimes our source of that happiness.

The weeks leading up to his birthday, I will admit, I was a little emotional.  I get like that during birthdays.  I start thinking about the fact that my kids are one year older.  One year closer to going off on their own and not longer being my babies.  I know I’m probably overthinking the whole thing but I know mommas out there know exactly what I’m talking about!  Gabriel’s 4th year was all about him growing into his personality.  He has humor BEYOND his years and he LOVES his family and friends.  His 4th year was is first year in preschool and he was beyond ready.  On his first day, I signed him up and dropped him off within 10 minutes.  By the time I left the class, he was already joining a group of kids on the carpet.

His 4th year was also the year I realized that I I had to watch every word he said.  When people would say “hi” to Gabe in public, my heart would sink because I never really knew what Gabe was going to say.  I’ll never forget the day he told a lady that she was “as ugly as a dump truck”…. Or when he told a friend of mine that her teeth were really yellow….or that time he accidently bumped into a lady’s backside and he told her very politely and blankly that she stank.  Y’all….*sigh*…..I’ll. just. stop. right. here.

Gabriel has said some pretty off-the-wall stuff, but he’s also spoken life into my heart.  I remember him walking into my room and giving me a hug while telling me I “was the best”.  He always tells me how beautiful I am.  He is the best brother to his siblings and he’s his dad’s best sidekick when it comes to looking at cool cars.

We are so happy Gabriel is a part of our lives.  He brings joy and color to our lives.

Happy 5th Birthday Gabriel Ray!!



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