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A letter to my future self | This is what I want you to remember…

Dear Older Me,

How old are you now?  Is all well?  I wanted to write this letter to you because there may be a few key things that you may need to remember right now.

First and foremost, I love you.  I really do.  I never said it to you often enough in the past, but I hope you have learned to use those words a little more now.   Most importantly, I hope that you have learned to let others love you as well.  I know it can be difficult because right now at 32, you still find it hard to let people do that.

How is life going?  I hope it is going better than you could ever imagine.  But, in the case that it is not going how you hoped, remember this

God said that his thoughts are to give you hope and a future.  Season’s of fruitfulness and reaping WILL come.

Remember in 2014 when you and Michael went through that big job loss( right in the middle of your plans of paying off debt).  You thought is was so unfair that God would even allow that to happen.  It was a tough time for you.  You tried to reconcile that fact that God is good yet, he allowed such a bad thing to happen.   When you all got your footing again, you secretly prayed in your heart that God would redeem the time that was “wasted” struggling to just make ends meet.

Remember this: 2017.  God DID redeem that time.  In less than a year, you and Michael paid off almost off your debt, invested in a business, and now you guys are in the middle of buying your first home.  All in less than a year.


“Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”  

1 Samuel 7:12

The year 2017 was an ebenezar, a memorial rock, a stone of remembrance.   I pray, when you lose hope and you believe the lie that what you are hoping for isn’t possible, that you remember what God did in 2017.

Remember this too:  Times of struggle is ever wasted time.  And your afflictions were never meaningless.

a letter to my future self


Remember to always be a woman of prayer.  At 32, it’s been hard with everything going on.  There’s been times where I’ve gotten up early to pray only to end up answering emails.  I hope this isn’t the case for you now.  That time alone with God is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family.  Don’t forget about God’s word either.  If you are struggling with wanting to read scriptures every day, go back to the scriptures you have highlighted throughout the years.  I promise you, it’s like reliving moments when God was speaking to you.  I hope those old scriptures you highlighted in the past give you new life when you need it.

Remember to rest.  Like literally, get some sleep!  Netflix will be there tomorrow when you get up, girl!  “Them tv shows ain’t going no where!”

Remember to eat healthy.  Yes.  This. right. here.  I don’t know how many times I’ve chosen cookies over cereal, only because it was easier to grab!  I hope you have gotten better at this because right now, it’s a struggle!



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Your family is such a gift.  I hope you are praying for them daily.

Michael is a great husband and he adores you so much.   He really does try his best, but remember that he can’t read your mind and it is so important to communicate your needs to him.  Don’t ever stop loving and laughing together.  Don’t forget to be silly!  Remember that time you two were goofing off and you ended up chasing him down the parking lot our your apartment complex.  Or that time you two almost drowned in a pool full of middle schoolers because you two wanted to race from that shallow to the deep end.  It was so embarrassing but so funny once you guys recuperated!  Think about the silly moments you all have had and talk about them often.

Remember when you all cried and prayed together when times were dark.  Michael was ( and probably still is) a man of faith.  Grab his arm and lean on him when you don’t feel so hopeful.   In past times, when his faith was strong, daring and unmovable…you thought he was naive and you were being realistic….but it turns out he was right all along.


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Your children are your precious stones.  You have invested SO MUCH love and time into them and I know that they are making you proud.  Be patient when they fall short of your expectations, though.  Remember to say no to things that constantly overwhelm your schedule.  Take vacations and spend intentional time with them.


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Remember that we only get this one life to live.  By God’s grace, it has been a blessed life so far.  Take advantage of each day to do good and be a blessing.  Speak that kind word.  Encourage the weak with your testimony.  Point the weary to Christ, the One who gives us rest.  Walk in your calling and your purpose.

Keep your hands open to give to those who lack,  trust God in the valleys, and remember Him when He has placed you on tops of mountains.

Remember to shut out the lies from the enemy and tune your heart to hear God’s voice.  Don’t run from the waves but stand firm and watch God command the seas to be still for you.  Speak truth into your heart everyday.  Speak life over your home and your family.

And most importantly, remember that God has redeemed you, he has called you by name, and you are His.


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