The Kid’s First Pet & The Naming Dilemma



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Okay, sooo…this was a BIG surprise!

We have been wanting a family pet (preferably a dog) for YEARS, but everywhere we have moved to (because they renovated it or because it was brand new) our rentors asked that we have no pets.

Okay. No problem. I understand. {sobbing on the inside}

But lately though, our oldest has really been yearning for a little fur companion, and so have I!

After doing a little research, I settled on the idea of getting a guinea pig. Why a guinea pig?? Well, they are small but hearty, playful like a puppy, they make cute little sounds, are fairly clean, and they don’t really smell if you keep the cage clean! All those things are a plus, but the fact that they are so playful with people really sold me on the idea. I didn’t want a pet that just sat in a cage, I wanted an animal that can interact. After seeing so many Youtube videos of owners playing with their guinea pigs, and the guinea pigs playing back, I knew this would be a great alternative.

I talk to Michael about it the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. The very next day he comes home from work with what looked like a box from amazon or something. So I picked it up and SHOCK IT, only to realize that there was a guinea pig inside! ( We immediately checked on it and the guinea pig was fine! He was more so looking around and wondering what in the world was going on!). But I was so shocked that we actually got one! So we called the kids to the living room for a “family meeting” and Michael began to talk with them about how tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and what not and as he was talking, he reached in the box and pulled out this cute little guinea pig and the kids had a fit!! They were so shocked and excited! Gabriel wanted to immediately hold it (cause he isn’t scared of anything) and Mikey and Sophia were already thinking of names!

Now…here’s the dilemma….I already had a name set. That night that I mentioned the thought of having a guinea pig to Michael, I told him that if we got one, I’d name him Biblo Baggins (I am a Hobbit fanatic!), so name selection wasn’t an option anymore! Well, fast forward to Valentine’s Day and we realized that Biblo Baggins can’t be Bilbo Baggins because our little guinea pig is actually a girl!  You see, when Michael bought it, he was told that the one he picked out was a boy, but after I did some double checking online and taking it to another pet store for a second opinion, I learned that our little pet is, in fact, a girl.  So now, we are racking our brains for cute little names. We’ve already eliminated names like giggles, wiggles, fluffy, caramel, cutesy and all other names like those, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Besides the fact that she is no longer Bilbo Baggins, we enjoy her a lot!  Her cuteness is just too much! The first day we got her, she was timid, frightened, and just wanted to hide. But today we are seeing her come out of her shell more and explore and make sounds that tell us she is happy!  She likes to eat blueberries and cuddle under a blanket. I even took some photos of her yesterday morning and she did so good being still. I wanted to take more but Gabriel kept wanting to grab him!

Here are some of the best ones!

the kid's first pet
the kid's first pet


  1. Too cute! My husband and I are in the process of getting our first pet so I completely understand the struggle that is naming an animal!

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