I’ve been wanting to share our little Christmas decorated home with you all for weeks now, but life has been very busy around here lately.  From Michael working full time, taking Sophia to school, homeschooling my oldest, keeping the youngest one from injuring himself (because he gets into everything!), and running this new business of ours….this post has been […]

Cardinal and Poinsettia Christmas Decorations


Sophia’s 5th Birthday   Our baby girl turned 5 today!!  I remember when Sophia was first born.  She was a tiny little thing, only 5 pounds but she was sooo cute!  I couldn’t wait to put hair bows in her hair!  I even went out a bought so many ribbons and clips and learned how […]

Sophia's 5th birthday Hilton Village Newport News


  First Hair Cut at Pigtails & Crewcuts We postponed for this moment for a long time!  Like most parents, we typically wait until their first birthday to give them their first hair cut.  With Gabriel, his hair was so thin and curly that we didn’t see a need just yet.  And besides, it looked so […]

boy gets first haircut at Pigtails and Crewcuts


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As wedding photographers, we are often taught to find and cater to our "ideal" clients.  "Ideal clients" are often a certain group of people with a certain style, budget, or personality!  While establishing your ideal clients is a great business practice, Michael and I have adopted a completely different view of this were EVERYONE has a seat at our table!

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